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Global Frankist Manifesto Release!!!

It is my highest and greatest honor to reveal here for the 1st time the only and highest most advanced most esoteric Treatise for Frankist Initiation. Perfect and great way to ring in the pagan new year! So HAPPY PAGAN NEW YEAR TO U ALL! May this Manifesto take us ever closer to rectifying all evil and redeeming all the sparks….

This Manifesto is on the level of my latest 2 books Sefer Moah Gan Eden and Sefer HaGiluy Shekhinoth MeSamael HaQadosh which currently are the highest most esoteric Qabbalistic books EVER published and I mean EVER!!! As such, this Manifesto like those books is beyond invaluable! In reality, if they should sell, they should sell for the most expensive rubies and sapphires!!! Of course if so, no one would be able to afford them. As such, in my great mercy, I sold them for as high as I could. As such, this Manifesto should really be formally published and sell for at least 250 USD!!! But in our great mercy, we are making it completely free! Understand and be very grateful!!!

Now, this Manifesto is surely going to make lots of Jews look really fucking stupid just like our Mashiah Yaqob Frank did in his generation. And if you don’t feel stupid or understand, then its probably because you yourself are spiritually blind and stupid! And this I cannot help!

Neo-Frankism is alive and well companions – among the few and most elite of MALKHUTHA! We look to spread this manifesto far and wide. I have published not only here, but on SCRIBD and And we will look to expand further with the help of our Mashiah and Holy Goddess….

So please share and help spread this Manifesto far and wide to help take the scales off the eyes of Yisrael and hasten the arrival of Mashiah Ben Dawid! Selah…

Links below to freely download:

May HAMASHIAH Yisrael be revealed and elevated along with MALKHUTHA!!!

7 thoughts on “Global Frankist Manifesto Release!!!

  1. … THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHIEF!!! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    May we, the diligent adepts; initiates; and neophytes (who have eyes to see), become truly grateful for your Generosity: O Highest Son of the Messiah / HaMashiah

    Hashem Blesses you. Chief!!!

    πŸ‘‘ ✑️ πŸ”₯πŸ’Ž πŸ’Ž πŸ”₯

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  2. As a Goldfish with a 15 second attention span this 119 page manifesto is pushing the limits of my capabilities.

    So I figure that I should complete this when I can arbitrarily know the center point between Judgement and Mercy.

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